Effective Chakra Balancing Meditation

To most of us, the time the new year comes around is a great opportunity to start thinking of whipping ourselves back into shape. We think about putting the treadmill and that exercycle we invested in to good use finally, and watching our diets with a little extra care.  As much as all of this is a good idea, most of us neglect to look into one part of our lives that need no less attention – our spiritual health.

The way we feel, how upbeat and energetic our bodies end up feeling, depends not just on how physically fit we are, but also on how our emotional and spiritual selves are balanced too. Our spiritual selves need ‘exercising’ too, for want of a better term.  So what does it take? Better eating? Better reading? This is where the subject of Chakra Balancing meditation comes in.

Eastern spiritual belief holds that we all have seven energy centers across our bodies that hold energy levels that aren’t visible to the eye. These are our chakras. The way you maintain these energy centers affects everything about how good you feel, how vital and creative you turned out to be, and so on.

If ancient teachings are anything to go by, keeping our energy  centers or chakras free of pollution, pure and clean, is the best way to tap into them for a better and more energetic existence. What happens when our energy centers aren’t kept clean though? The energy doesn’t flow as freely, and we feel tiredness and get emotionally cranky. Let’s get a little deeper into how you can keep your energy flow freely through chakra balancing.

Our first and most central chakra is the one on the base of the spine. It allows us to connect to nature and to feel grounded. The soul chakra just above this is what gives us our intuition. Our emotions come from the chakra above this. The chakra at our heart fills us with kindness and connects us to the larger energy center that is god. The chakra at the throat gives us the power to speak and the one on our forehead connects us to the truth. Our rationality comes from our crown chakra at the very crown of our head.

The best way to keep our energy flow clean and uninterrupted through all these chakras is usually through practices like the chanting of mantras, through the practice of visualization, and belief in the self. The most effective chakra balancing meditation comes from a contact program with a guru, of course. Learning the right way through reading can often put one on the path to more balanced living too.