Are you a professional woman that would like to create a happier, stress free life?

Our clients tell us that even though things are going pretty well in their lives they:

  • Sometimes lie awake at night worrying about money.
  • Feel that their most pressing concern is their family.
  • Worry about their relationships.
  • Think that they could do more in the areas of health, fitness, diet and exercise.
  • Have some concerns about stress, managing their time, getting things done, and balancing our lives.
  • Have some concerns about their jobs and careers.


“It was great working with Original Balance to help me understand how I function, and learn new strategies to cope with that and work with it, rather than against it. As a busy PhD candidate who also volunteers on the board of a national charity, many different things compete for my time and our sessions were great to help me focus my energies on the most important things while also making sure I maintain a work/life balance.”

~Katrina S, Melbourne, VIC


“I touched base with Original Balance via LinkedIn and they helped me to refocus my energies when my employment status was in turmoil. They were able to listen and helped me view choices and make goals to re-focus. I genuinely appreciated Original Balance for their support with valuable perspectives on my current situation as they listened to me and by sharing their experiences with me. I felt very supported by their insights and helped me move forward with a revised self-awareness to look at ways to deal with situations. “

~ Jane Thomas, Adelaide, SA

“I benefit greatly from my coaching sessions with Original balance, because I feel they really ‘hear’ me. They guide me to more easily identify the main issues I want to work on in my parenting approach, rather than staying buried in all the many challenges parents need to work through in today’s world. Over the past few months of Original Balance’s coaching I’ve been able to focus down on the most important factors to help me be the most effective parent I can be, whilst still being loving and caring. I feel enormously supported by their empathetic and warm approach, as they understand exactly ‘where I’m at’ and is completely non-judgemental and guides me to choose the best approach for me and my family. They are steadfast, strong and experienced voice-of-reason, wrapped in a gently spoken and kind exterior. I highly recommend Original Balance as a coach to women wanting to live better lives.”

~ Sonya Matthews, Brisbane, QLD
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Do you think fear is holding you back?

If you like the rest of us, there is some level of fear that is creating additional pain in your life and stopping you living a more fulfilling, stress-free abundant life where you wake up excited everyday ready to take on the world.

If you could help you identify, address and overcome some of these few years, how would your life change?


“I can highly recommend Original Balance as a Coach, they have an amazing ability to hold you accountable and ensure you are meeting your targets in a gentle and nurturing way that makes you feel you can accomplish anything.
They always do what they say they will and are always ready with new and innovative strategies for moving forward.”

~ Melinda Charlesworth, Wollongong, NSW

“I am proud to say that Original Balance has been my coach and mentor through the tough and turbulent times of late. Original Balance has a calm manner and gentle approach to coaching that cuts through all the issues and busy-ness of daily life. At the same time, Original Balance Team is very good at listening, and knows exactly when to offer help, support and advice – just when I was ready to receive. Original Balance Team always makes me feel positive and energised, and ready to take on the next challenge!”

~ Tony M, Brisbane, QLD

Why we like helping women make their lives better

We noticed when working with clients, that fear and mindset are what often drives behaviour and stops them doing what they want to do. This can show up in what jobs people take or don’t take, who they do or do not marry or if they take on a goal or not. Quite often if you dig deep enough the root cause behind many behaviours is driven by fear and shame.

We work with professional women aged 40 and over to uncover the blockages in their life around fear and shame and then build their best life.


“Original Balance has an amazing ability to help me uncover blockages that are holding me back from my full potential. After each session, I feel more inspired and energised to keep striving for my goals. For anyone wanting to take themselves to the next level, I highly recommend Original Balance’ services.”

~ Pete N Director – Enersol Electrical Services Nerang QLD


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