Reducing Cellulite Through Laser Treatment After Weight Loss

If there is one comforting part to having cellulite, it is merely this – that you have company. Nearly every woman, (nine out of ten, if you want the statistics), looks at herself in the mirror and cringes in horror to see skin that stretches over fat deposits somewhere all dimpled and sagging.

Women have been gathering around and talking about cellulite and racking their brains for a cure to it for hundreds of years. Perhaps, we have a cellulite reduction treatment that might actually have a chance at working today. But before you actually accept that it works, you need to understand what exactly it is that cellulite is composed of.

Where does cellulite come from? Most people go into heavy-duty self blame mode when they look at their cellulite deposits. They feel that if only they had worked harder at their weight loss exercises, they could have conceivably stayed away from the unsightly mess that their bodies seem to them to have turned into. To begin with, cellulite doesn’t come into your life merely because you don’t exercise properly. It comes about through heredity mostly, but also through hormonal changes and poor circulation. The reason a cream cannot be as successful as a cellulite reduction treatment is that it can do nothing for your hormones, your circulation or your genes.

The unsightly dimpled nature of cellulite comes about because your internal connective tissue is beginning to lose its elasticity. When young people get fat deposits, they distribute evenly over their bodies, and it kind of looks cute. As we grew older, the connective tissue sags and no longer allows fat to get deposited evenly. That’s when it looks like cellulite. It doesn’t matter how much you exercise. Whatever fat you have is going to look unsightly if it isn’t deposited evenly.

There is a relatively recent cellulite reduction treatment system that the FDA has approved that is beginning to bring real hope to women all over the land fighting a losing battle with their cellulite. It’s called the tri-active laser.

A tri-active laser is a handheld treatment system. Brandishing it over your cellulite, you bring more blood flow to a cellulite filled area, you soften up the connective tissue that lies under it, and you redistribute fat. And further, the laser begins to shrink swollen cellulite filled cells.

In time, your skin begins to regain its elasticity with regular laser application. It usually takes about a dozen sittings before most of it goes away. It should be pretty affordable. For an FDA approved cellulite reduction treatment method for a problem this stubborn, one does wonder how it works out to be as affordable as it is.