One of the Best Healing Arts for Insomnia – Acupuncture

If you know someone who suffers from insomnia, you probably know how deeply difficult life becomes to anyone who spends every night watching the clock and tossing and turning. It doesn’t seem to be in their power to do anything about it. If they try to calm their mind and concentrate on just sleeping, they just feel more wakeful than ever before. When they can take it no more, they have no choice but to turn to sleeping pills or other prescription drugs.

Certainly, these do knock you out; but the sleep they bring you hardly feels like the real thing. And of course, you don’t quite feel like yourself next day. Over a period of time, sleeping pills really aren’t good for you at all. Isn’t there anything at all that can be done about insomnia that doesn’t slowly destroy your life? People have been experimenting with acupuncture treatment as a possible insomnia solution. How much hope does acupuncture hold?

Acupuncture treatment isn’t usually thought of as a natural fit or one of the best healing arts out there for insomnia in America. In general, acupuncture is traditionally only looked up for afflictions like hypertension, pain or stress. It hasn’t stopped acupuncture researchers from trying to adapt ancient techniques to helping people suffering from insomnia though. The results of the study were published in the Medical Acupuncture Online Journal. It was a small study; but they did find very encouraging results.

There have been other studies done as well. They’ve used better study methods in these other tests – techniques like randomized controlled trials. They’ve always discovered one thing – we should be looking at acupuncture a lot more seriously than we have, to help people who have trouble getting a little shut-eye. Some people who receive acupuncture treatment for insomnia come out feeling that the treatment doesn’t really help them sleep better or for longer. It only helps them fall asleep more quickly.

The encouraging news about all of this is that in China, where acupuncture originates, treating insomnia with needles is pretty common. Even if there isn’t enough awareness among acupuncturists over here to do with treating insomnia, you could still ask a trusted acupuncturist to try. It’s well worth a shot before heading over to regular prescription drugs that can turn your life upside down. You simply don’t lose anything trying it.

The bottom line, trying acupuncture treatment for insomnia is that it isn’t as certain a path to head down as it should be at this point. When should you try acupuncture? If you’ve tried other harmless natural remedies, finding a quiet place to sleep, trying regular therapy to calm your mind or just about any of the healing arts and so on, and you still haven’t found anything that actually works, you could possibly try this before you surrender to sleeping pills.