Beyond Beauty Facial Treatments

Facials are one of the most well loved beauty indulgences there are out there. One might even say that that they are a guilty pleasure. Perhaps they don’t have to be seen as pure indulgences though. Because facial treatments come with some surprising health benefits that most people don’t really expect to gain at a beauty salon.

Did you ever wonder at the soothing music you get to hear at a beauty salon, the gentle quiet voices of the women there and the soft fragrances in the air? These aren’t just a marketing invention. To women who live stressed-out lives everyday, the soothing ambience at a salon is about the only time they get to really feel at peace with the world. The pleasure of looking forward to the visit, and the pampering that facial treatments actually provide, can be great soothing influences that can actually help with a blood pressure problem. A salon facial doesn’t have to be a rare treat though. An easy and inexpensive bathroom remodeling can easily bring spa-like amenities right into your home.

Why do facials feel so good? It could be the mere fact that being pampered in warm cozy surroundings feels amazing to most people. Or it could be the fact that facial treatments are designed to help with circulation to your head. The steam treatments that you love certainly are designed to open up your pores; but the warmth, and the massaging, do a great deal to help stimulate blood flow to your face and your head. Some salons use a great light wand massage facial treatment that does wonders for your circulation too.

Did you ever come back from a session at the salon feeling more refreshed than what merely their facial treatments could account for? It’s just a fact that many women suffer from sinus congestion problems; the steaming procedures that facial treatments come with can easily help unclog more than just your pores though. A facial massage can often work the right acupressure points to help relieve sinus congestion too.

The area behind the ears, under the neck and other places that facial treatments touch on are where  several over lymph nodes reside.  Lymph nodes are part of our immune system, and are important to the way we stay healthy and disease-free. A great facial massage can stimulate blood flow to the lymph nodes, and stimulate them to help them drain any puffiness out of your face. And you just thought the facials were about needless indulgence.