Home Health Care: The Herbal Remedies You Can Do At Home For Common Ailments

There used to be a time when I thought people that preferred home health care herbal remedies over conventional medicines were somewhat eccentric and quirky. After all, what could work better to cure ailments and improve health than pharmaceuticals that had been developed by leading scientists and approved by the FDA? Surely consumers could put all their trust in those products and not worry about adverse effects, right? Wrong. I learned the hard way that my body is not particularly suited to those types of harsh chemicals, so now I rely on all-natural solutions instead.

Thankfully, I don’t tend to get sick very often. I maybe have come down with one cold per year, and never get the flu or anything more serious (knock on wood). I do suffer from other minor problems from time to time, but all of these can be treated successfully with home health care like herbal home remedies. Here are some of my favorites.

For colds, I rely on Echinacea. This is one of the most popular home health care herbal remedies because of its ability to boost the immune system, making it the perfect treatment when I feel a cold coming on. In fact, some practitioners believe that Echinacea can actually help prevent colds, so I occasionally take it as a precautionary measure prior to important events, such as critical meetings with clients at work, to ensure that I don’t come down with something at the last minute.

Like most people, I sometimes have problems with my digestion, despite my best efforts to eat healthy foods. When trouble strikes in the form of constipation, I turn to herbal home remedies such as senna or cascara sagrada. Both of these can be found in special teas, so all I have to do is drink a cup before bed in order to get the desired results in the morning. If my digestion problems run the other way and take the form of diarrhea, I take grapeseed extract capsules or go for a tea containing blackberry leaf. Relief usually follows shortly thereafter.

And even though I’m an adult, I need to pull out some herbal home remedies for acne when I suffer the occasional breakout due to stress. Whenever I feel a couple of pimples threatening to surface, I treat the area with tea tree oil or aloe, and hope that these solutions can do the trick. I also like products containing witch hazel or lavender, both of which gently cleanse my skin while soothing it at the same time.

These are some of the herbal home remedies that I use for common ailments. These treatments are effective and safe, so I wholeheartedly recommend them. Obviously, if you’re suffering from a serious disease you should consult your doctor or other medical professional before taking something, but if you’re just constipated or have a pimple, then try one of these natural solutions.