Eating Disorders Hospitals Provide Specialized Care

Food is our daily source of nutrition. Rice, fruits, vegetables, pasta—these provide nourishment to our bodies. When we eat delicious food we feel satisfied and happy. Some people have control over what they eat, while others just do not care if they gain a lot of weight. There are others who choose not to eat.

There are kinds of eating disorders and they are psychological problems that need to be addressed immediately. Patients suffering from these conditions are not in good health.

Anorexic patients under-eat for fear of gaining weight. They do not consume sufficient amounts of food which makes them susceptible to problems in the body. Extreme weight loss is expected with patients exhibiting loss of muscle. Their bones are obviously visible. They are underweight and they are weak.

Mary Kate Olsen is a celebrity who has admitted to having the condition. She sought help and has recovered. Unfortunately, there are others who have died due to this condition. One famous name that have brought much attention to the condition(following her death) is Karen Carpenter. She died because of the complications of malnutrition.

Bulimic patients engage in binge eating and then purging right after, trying to get rid of the food consumed. Patients may also use laxatives, diuretics, or engage in excessive exercising with the hopes of not gaining weight due to the calories consumed.

Eating disorders hospitals provide specialized care for patients who are suffering from different kinds of eating disorders. These hospitals or treatment facilities are dedicated to these patients who have psychological disorders which are manifested in the way that they eat.

If you have a relative that is exhibiting signs and symptoms of having an eating disorder, it would be best to help him or her get treatment immediately. This is a serious condition that has claimed the lives of women and even men.

The treatment initially is to provide the patient sufficient nutrition so that the body can bounce back from being in this state (anorexia). Of course, the psychological aspect will be addressed because it is, after all, a psychological problem.

Eating disorders hospitals and other treatment facilities have the necessary tools or information that will help the patient and the patient’s family. Contact one that is nearest you to know about what you can do if you or your family member is anorexic, bulimic, etc.
An early diagnosis is so much better because problems can be reversed immediately.

One of the Best Healing Arts for Insomnia – Acupuncture

If you know someone who suffers from insomnia, you probably know how deeply difficult life becomes to anyone who spends every night watching the clock and tossing and turning. It doesn’t seem to be in their power to do anything about it. If they try to calm their mind and concentrate on just sleeping, they just feel more wakeful than ever before. When they can take it no more, they have no choice but to turn to sleeping pills or other prescription drugs.

Certainly, these do knock you out; but the sleep they bring you hardly feels like the real thing. And of course, you don’t quite feel like yourself next day. Over a period of time, sleeping pills really aren’t good for you at all. Isn’t there anything at all that can be done about insomnia that doesn’t slowly destroy your life? People have been experimenting with acupuncture treatment as a possible insomnia solution. How much hope does acupuncture hold?

Acupuncture treatment isn’t usually thought of as a natural fit or one of the best healing arts out there for insomnia in America. In general, acupuncture is traditionally only looked up for afflictions like hypertension, pain or stress. It hasn’t stopped acupuncture researchers from trying to adapt ancient techniques to helping people suffering from insomnia though. The results of the study were published in the Medical Acupuncture Online Journal. It was a small study; but they did find very encouraging results.

There have been other studies done as well. They’ve used better study methods in these other tests – techniques like randomized controlled trials. They’ve always discovered one thing – we should be looking at acupuncture a lot more seriously than we have, to help people who have trouble getting a little shut-eye. Some people who receive acupuncture treatment for insomnia come out feeling that the treatment doesn’t really help them sleep better or for longer. It only helps them fall asleep more quickly.

The encouraging news about all of this is that in China, where acupuncture originates, treating insomnia with needles is pretty common. Even if there isn’t enough awareness among acupuncturists over here to do with treating insomnia, you could still ask a trusted acupuncturist to try. It’s well worth a shot before heading over to regular prescription drugs that can turn your life upside down. You simply don’t lose anything trying it.

The bottom line, trying acupuncture treatment for insomnia is that it isn’t as certain a path to head down as it should be at this point. When should you try acupuncture? If you’ve tried other harmless natural remedies, finding a quiet place to sleep, trying regular therapy to calm your mind or just about any of the healing arts and so on, and you still haven’t found anything that actually works, you could possibly try this before you surrender to sleeping pills.

Sugar Features High among Acne Causes

The research into acne has heated up in recent years. In their thoroughness, scientists are going back to revisit theories that have existed as basic received wisdom for years now and have informed our understanding into what causes acne. The acne causes that scientists have understood so far have decidedly not included sugar as a possibility; fat, perhaps, but not sugar. Actually, that basic understanding is not altogether flawed. They still don’t think that sugar itself causes acne. It is just that sugar happens to belong to a group of foods that raise your blood glucose levels very quickly (they like to call this tendency, a high glycemic index), and make you put out a lot of insulin and other hormones into your bloodstream, and in general distress the body so much that it can secrete a little extra oil on the skin.

It couldn’t have been easy for them to revisit accepted wisdom into acne causes from a long time ago. Doing that just changes everything. But they tested this theory on a few dozen male subjects, all of them with quite a case of acne. For three months, they gave a few lucky participants a normal unhealthy diet with white bread, lots of sugar-loaded cereals, and pasta, and to the others, they gave a much healthier (and consequently less desirable) low glycemic diet of whole grain bread, lean meats, fruit, and high protein, low sugar shakes. And they discovered that the acne skin lesions visibly went away in the ones with the healthier low glycemic diet, but the control group that was given the high glycemic food saw no difference in their acne problems. They also found that the people on the healthy diet had lower levels of male hormones circulating through their system. Free unattached male hormones are always known to feature among the leading acne causes.

Would you like then to give up sugary sodas and cereals for clearer pain-free skin? Who knows, you could react just like one of those test subjects they had. But it depends, of course. It depends on whether you’re male. Well, here is another piece of insight they’ve come up with in their search for acne causes. Certainly, having a great breakout all over your face can be really stressful. But what if the stress itself were to come back and reinforce the acne that caused it in the first place?

Now, why would this be? Well, there’s been a study that not only makes the relationship between stress and acne look possible, they even have a way of explaining it. Basically, they took up about 100 high school students with moderate levels of acne, for a few months. They saw that any pop quizzes right away sent their anxiety levels shooting, and the anxiety inflamed cells in their body just a little bit and caused a real breakout of acne. If you think about it, you wouldn’t really need it perfectly well proven how much stress or a sugary diet contributes to acne, would you? These factors seem to basically affect everything about our health. Until they use this information to invent a drug for acne, perhaps we could all just keep away from all that is basically a regular modern lifestyle.

Knowing your Health Facts from your Health Rumors

When it comes to knowing your facts in health, the Internet makes it easy both to stay informed or to get misled. It all depends on where you get your health information. If you get it from your friends and relatives and out of forwarded e-mail messages, you’d be surprised to know how often the truth can get hopelessly misinterpreted and distorted as it passes from one person to the next. Being weighed down by health myths, legends and rumors in place of health facts, is more than just an inconvenience, often. It can distract you from doing the right things for your health and get you to do. What is wrong? Let’s clear the air a bit now shall we?

Let’s start with a particularly annoying myth – the one that says that you should stay away from frozen vegetables because they are preserved in chlorine. Now nothing could be farther from the truth. Baby carrots and other frozen proteins are certainly rinsed in chlorine solution to help kill E. coli, salmonella or other disease-causing bacteria. They do this with all pre-cut vegetables and fruit salads. This doesn’t mean that they are preserved in them. That makes them perfectly safe to eat. Come to think of it, the FDA requires that all meat that arrive at the supermarket be treated the same way.

People who have a real thing for losing fat, somehow believe that if they go out for a good stiff round of exercise every morning before they have even eaten, that they will burn fatter that they would after a meal. There actually is a certain amount of truth to this. When you do something like go out for a jog, your body gets its energy by burning fat calories and carbohydrate calories. People who collect their health facts rather casually, look at this and wonder if burning fat calories a lot more may help them slim down faster. Running on an empty stomach, for instance, your body would simply turn to burning fat and carbohydrates, since your empty stomach has no carbohydrates. However, that’s not going to make you any thinner. What matters for losing weight is that you burn calories. You really don’t need to differentiate between one source of those calories and another.

Some people, when they buy a nice box of chocolates for their mothers, find them protesting that they are afraid the chocolates will send them closer to diabetes. And of course, the children who buy the chocolate, feel unappreciated. Surely, it can’t be such a simple connection that can be made between sugar and diabetes, is it? It isn’t like alcohol and liver trouble or fat and heart trouble, is it? It may not be that direct a link; but new research that was just published in the Journal of the American Medical Association finds that women who have a lot of sugar in their diet, whether or not they are overweight, really do seriously bring themselves closer to diabetes. Sometimes, that health rumors really do turn out to be health facts.